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Category: Wheelchair / Manual

The new InvacareĀ® chair is simply the most exciting tilt-in-space chair ever invented. It incorporates features never before available on manual tilting chair, because it is built around a radically new concept - keeping the client center of gravity almost perfectly stationary throughout the entire 55 degrees tilt range.

This allows for a dramatically more compact wheelbase, without sacrificing stability. It makes tilting the chair almost effortless, since client weight is not a factor in the tilting process. It decreases startle reflex, since the client is tilted into the frame rather than around a fixed pivot point. A built-in 2 drop base facilitates remarkably low seat-to-floor heights. The standard flared front end increases space for feet between the casters.

The positive lock mechanism eliminates the sponginess common to hydraulic locking cylinders. For the first time ever on a manual tilt-in-space chair, the caregiver can tell at what angle the chair is tilted, thanks to a tilt angle indicator. It is ingenious, state of the art, and simple.

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